Light Cottage

  • Frame made of painted steel.
  • Austrian certified quality wood.
  • Roof panel mountable with steel hoes without screws.
  • Collapsible display panels - exterior.
  • White fire retardant roof (class2), fastening with elastic straps and hooks.
  • Galvanized hinges
  • Washable inner floor.
  • Access door for padlock 

The biggest difference between our new Light huts and the Profi huts is the thickness of the wall frame and cover, this has been reduced from 40mm to 27mm.
It is used for both huts three-layer panels in fir wood.

The base has been redesigned the geometry has been maintained, the thickness of the profiles has been reduced. Thus we have reduced the total weight of the Light huts.
The closed hut ready for transport has the same size in the frame but is a few centimeters lower.

The reference frame is now 50 mm high instead of 40mm, which makes it more durable. The hut does not have a cylinder lock, but a door lock that can be padlocked.

Optionally, the hut can be equipped with an electric panel - this includes the following parts:

LED backlight (2 stripes)
Light switch
3 sockets
As an option, up to 3 interior shelves can be ordered in addition.

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