Professional cottage

Substructure floor, collapsible walls, roof, exhibition area made of solid fir wood or 3 plywood treated with transparent water-based paints.

  • Frame made of painted steel.
  • Austrian certified quality wood.
  • Roof panel mountable with steel hoes without screws.
  • Collapsible display areas - interior and exterior.
  • White fire retardant roof (class2), fastening with elastic straps and hoes.
  • Galvanized hinges
  • Washable interior floor made of linoleum in parquet pattern.
  • Access door incl. lock
  • 4 pcs. Height adjustable steel support legs (25cm)
  • electrical system consisting of 3 pcs. Schuko sockets with circuit breaker + on/off switch
  • Interior lighting consisting of 1 pcs. LED ceiling panel

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